Autogenesis of Supercharacter’s ethics

Once the Superpersonality withstands the trial and refuses to get hooked on the eternal experience of getting superhigh, and therefore fully evolves as the Supercharacter, comes the question: what’s next? What entails self-realization for the Supercharacter, how does it make itself existentially completed?
This is the area where no data or evidence is available whatsoever, so we have to rely on the logic of our argument only.
I believe that one of the obvious characteristics of the Supercharacter will be intellectual omnipotence. The Supercharacter is no dumb-head and can crack any intellectual operation almost instantaneously. This, in its turn, means that the main question of the meaning of life, or rather the purpose of existence (as there is no “life” in proper terms for this entity, as far as no “death”) will be arrived at very shortly.
I also believe, that such an entity as the Supercharacter will be looking for the most challenging answer to the question of the meaning of life there possibly is, because only the full-scope realization can give the Supercharacter the chance to employ all of its superabilities.
It is convenient to introduce here the concept of shame. It would be a shame for the Supercharacter to fall short of the full-scope realization of its superabilities. Even slightly incomplete, for instance, 99% of success in complete realization will be experienced by the Supercharacter as a failure to deliver up to his full potential. Unrealized potential is unacceptable, simply impossible. The resulting feeling of shame must be painfully unbearable and therefore can never be allowed.
This is quite an ethical assertion. With the help of similar arguments, we can elaborate in further detail the hypothesis about the Supercharacter’s Ethics.
We go on to ask the following question: what is the full-scope realization? Where can the absolute abilities find an application? What can the infinite do? What will the Supercharacter be up to if it is driven by this ethical set?
Since we are talking about some ultimate, strategic categories of doing it is logical to think here, for instance, of creating or destroying. Any other activity can fit into the category of either creation or destruction.
Creation is necessarily greater and more complex than destruction. Destruction is always secondary as it is applied only to something that was already created. Destroying anything always requires less energy and resources than creating the same thing. This, again, comes to contradict the condition of the full-scope realization of the absolute potential. Also, destruction is by definition finite, which is even worse, as it can in no way provide enough ground for the application of infinite powers. Creation is, on the other hand, infinite.
Thus we conclude that creation is the ultimate kind of self-realization perfectly fitting the Supercharacter in question.
(Incidentally, this also gives us insight into the problem of whether the Supercharacter will be a curse or blessing for humankind (which might still hang around.) The logic of the argument brings to the conclusion that this new entity must necessarily be a creator by nature, which is good news. Does it mean its new creation will include us, humankind? Not necessarily. This could be bad news.)
Although abstract, this argument is simple enough, and these ideas will surely be grasped intuitively by the Supercharacter instantaneously as something that naturally comes with the superabilities it will possess. In other words, as soon as the Supercharacter passes the test of getting high, it will be onto the ultimate creation project.
We can continue our chain of arguments. What kind of creation is ultimate? Certainly, what comes to mind first is the creation of a world i.e. the metaphysical creation, creation of a whole new Universe.  But this is still far from the ultimate realization of the absolute. I believe that the absolute can only find the ultimate realization in the replicating itself, creating a new copy of itself.
This results in an interesting paradox, and the task of overcoming it is, in fact, the worthy challenge to the absolute potential of the Supercharacter…

To be continued: The paradox of self-copying

Andrey Miroshnichenko

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