Miroshnichenko editedHi, my name is Andrey Miroshnichenko. I am a media futurist and a journalist. Among other details in the profile, there are a Fulbright-Kennan scholar (2012-13), a coordinator for the Russian Association of Futurologists, a facilitator in corporattions’ media&communication, an author of a number of books, etc. Long time ago, I got a degree in journalism and linguistics, studying the language of Soviet media and propaganda. Now, I am again a PhD student, this time in Communication and Culture at York University, Toronto.

I had been working as an editor and a chief editor in business press for more than twenty years, then wrote the book ‘When newspapers die” and left the sport. Instead, I started the career of a media theorist, an analyst, and a consultant. Since then, I have been observing the decline of legacy media along with the entire Gutenberg Galaxy and exploring the rise of the Digital Universe ahead until the moment of Singularity and slightly beyond.

This blog is about old and new media. The new digital environment and the future of humankind are also covered.

Here is my new book on Amazon, with some kind words from Douglas Rushkoff and Robert Logan:
Human as media. The emancipation of authorship


Here is a brief description of my book When newspapers die  (which was published in Russian)
My websites in Russian:

Find me on Facebook and LinkedIn; on Twitter – @Kazhdy.

The topics that I curate on Scoop.it:
Future of Journalism. Debatable. Old, New and Corporate Media
New media environment
From Content Marketing to Brand Journalism

Here are some my recent media appearances (in English):

The New York Times logoWithout Notice, Putin Dissolves a News Agency. December 9, 2013


BBC Logo Russian bloggers force mainstream media climbdown. 16 March 2014
Anatomy of Putin’s divorce announcement. 17 June 2013
Russian elections: ‘decisive role’ claimed for web activists. 6 December 2011

Russian bloggers force mainstream media climbdown. 16 March 2011


HuffPostHow Russia Is Censoring Reporting On Sochi Olympics Controversies


The AWL logoRussian Sky Explosion Maximum Power


And finally,

Photo album


With Douglas Rushkoff at the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology (The Coach House), University of Toronto, April 2016.



A workshop on corporate communications. While the audience works, the coach eats pirogy. This is the right way to go. Moscow, April 2016.


Andrey Miroshnichenko & Eric McLuhan

With Eric McLuhan, somewhere near Toronto. October 2015.



Celebrating re-launch of McLuhan’s Coach House activity in the 21 Century. Andrey Miroshnichenko, Andrew McLuhan, Paolo Granata, and Rita Leistner, the author of amazing book, Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan. Torono, October, 2015.


Andrey Miroshnichenko & Mathew Ingram

With Mathew Ingram (Fortune) at the Coach House. Toronto, November 2015.



With Robert Logan, near Marshall McLuhan’s house in Toronto, May 2015.



A workshop on corporate newspapers. Moscow, 2014.


Andrey Miroshnichenko Fininternet

The Banking Forum FinInternet-2014, Moscow. Delivering the talk “The explosion of authorship. How emancipated authorship impacts media, marketing, business, banking, and orthography.”


Andrey Miroshnichenko in Perm

A seminar on multimedia journalism. Perm State University. Russia, April 2015.


Andrey Miroshnichenko

Chelyabinsk, 2014. During the conference for press secretaries and corporate journalists at the United Metallurgical Company, with Cat the Steel Worker.


Andrey Miroshnichenko

Ural Media Forum. Yekaterinburg, 2013,


Andrey Miroshnichenko

“The future of media and future media”, the open lecture at the Moscow State University, October 2013.


Andrey Miroshnichenko Google

Google Talk at the headquarter of the company, Googleplex. Mountain View, California, 2013.


Andrey Miroshnichenko

An expert panel on media market at RIA Novosti. Moscow, 2013.



Conference on PR and media. Rostov-on-Don, 2011



Conference on marketing and media in Kiev, Ukraine, 2011



A cover of the magazine “Sovetnik” (“Adviser”), 2010



A billboard of Andrey Miroshnichenko’s seminar on journalism and the future of news. Yekaterinburg, 2011.


Andrey Miroshnichenko and Dmitry Bykov.

On the air with Dmitry Bykov. Radio City FM, 2010.



On TV with Irina Hakamada. Moscow, 2011.


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