Singularity and Transhumanism

Transcending Human Sensorium

People still act in virtual reality in a mostly natural way, as “physical beings”, which is obviously predefined by their (our) previous experience. Moreover, the content of the virtual reality is still the physical reality. This reflects McLuhanian ideas of… Read More ›

Altering Human Sensorium

Artificial flavours, augmented senses, immersive media, augmented reality, virtual reality By shaping the media environment, media are able to tune the human sensorium according to their “bias”. Equipped with ideasthesia/synesthesia, the sensorium follows the environment. In its turn, thanks to… Read More ›

The Sequence of Singularities

Cosmos and nanotechnologies as a medieval paradigm. Ethics of the Supercharacter. Postsingularity and Singularity-2. Why deep space exploration will never happen. – Why nanotechnologies are no different from medieval alchemy. – Burial as the birth of a human. – Human… Read More ›