In Belarus, the military use newspapers for the winter camouflage of an infantry combat vehicle

Here is another proof that newspapers are still in high demand. The news site “The Belorussian Military Newspaper. To the Glory of Motherland” (an official organ of the Ministry of Defense) published a report on a military exercise, along with a photo of an infantry combat vehicle that is covered by newspapers.


The black-and-white pattern of newspaper sheets matches the winter landscape perfectly. newsp-belarus-2

No explanations are given in the article, but there is a passage about the high popularity of this military newspaper in the given army detachment. “The latest issues arrive at the range regularly”, the article says. “On the day we visited the detachment, the battalion’s deputy commander for political affairs Capt. Vyacheslav Kerus was barely managing to hand out the papers to all those willing to read the latest issue of ‘The Belorussian Military Newspaper. To the Glory of Motherland’.”

…And yet once again, high-quality journalism is always better than the yellow press, especially in winter.

Update: NATO’ tankmen picked up the Belorussian way of camouflage – with newspapers.

The Belorussian news outlet Belsat reports that “NATO’ tankmen picked up the Belorussian way of camouflage – with newspapers.”

“The Belarusians made the innovative way of winter camouflaging of armored fighting vehicles known for the world,” informs Belsat. “Now this idea is employed in the West.”

Users of one of Belorussian military internet forums found pictures of “newest” French tanks covered with newspapers.

However, as Belsat reports, the attendees of the same forum insist that the idea of newspaper camouflage first was used by Wehrmacht tankmen during WWII.

Andrey Miroshnichenko

Author of Human as media. The emancipation of authorship – available on Amazon


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