Funny cats as a school of media-activity

Cats have the force. Amusing cats are the infant school of civil activism. It is precisely via cats that the beginner media activist learns that well-chosen content provokes a reaction to personal activity way beyond their personal circle.
Cats give inexperienced everyday authors their first experience of public response. Thanks to cats, they discover tКот лукhe relationship between content quality and audience response. At the ‘cats stage,’ users obtain their first faint hue of media professionalism. Finally, cats give the simple man his very first taste of the sweet poison of popularity, getting him hooked on the drug of authorship.
All that is needed to procure more of this drug is to take just one step, maturing to the search for interesting subjects. It is at this point that the understanding (or feeling) dawns that issues of significance to others bring the largest response. In other words, socially important issues.
In the subsequent stages of the development of authorship, what emerges is full-scale commentary. Then comes engagement in disputes, the compilation of a coalition of debators… Content arises that is so significant that it creates social gravitation – it attracts people to each other and repels them away from each other. And all this with approximately the same level of outlay as with TV: the simple press of a button. Only with far more participation and emotional return, with the expectation of a response to one’s individuality.
This is how media activism is conceived in the field of media activity. One becomes aware of one’s own media reputation, the worth of one’s own posts and commentaries, of one’s own participation in the coalition. Involvement moves from the primitive level to the level of initiating civil activity, implying the authorial evaluation of common subjects, the expression of common expectations. This is already publicism.
What emerges is an awareness of the capability to influence and to act by means of content. The prerequisites for volunteering and other means of social coordination unfold. Media activists make attempts to enter offline reality.
But even this is not the final stage of private media activity development.
It is either creative activity or participation in political issues that gives the best response. These are the two paths that the evolved media activist is faced with. But creativity is not accessible to everyone, while politics as a higher form of human involvement in social life guarantees a response to personal expression that is both of the highest quality and most prolific – the best environment for resonance with the masses.

Andrey Miroshnichenko.

Extracted from: Human as media. The emancipation of authorship
Available on Amazon now.


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